Venue: Galeri Petronas, Level 3, Suria KLCC
Duration: 11th – 3Oth July 2O17 (except Mondays),
1O.OOam – 8.OOpm
Admission: Free
The show examines architecture in Malaya in the heroic transformative period of Merdeka and explores the significant relationship between architecture and nation-building. MANIFEST seeks to reproduce the tableau of modernity as a realised speculative vision premised on a notion of optimism and progress, and takes an imaginative leap to create an immersive tableau that captures the sentiment of the 1950s and 1960s as Malaya gained her independence and Malaysia was subsequently formed.

Being the capital of a newly formed nation, Kuala Lumpur underwent significant changes, both in physical form and societal configurations. Architects were at the forefront of the urban debates, giving shape to planning and architectural questions that were part of the many challenges of a new nation. These debates often encompass larger social issues, from housing to economy, to societal relations and dynamics. The incorporation of moder nism was calculated to address many of these issues facing Malaysia, even as it was projecting Malaysia’s image to the rest of the world in step with a desire to connect with the world at large engaging in a shared discourse and belief in new technology, humanitarian ideals and social organisation.

The exhibition brings together both photographs, drawings and models, social documents and new media to communicate the achievements and ideals, ethics and ambitions of the pioneering generation of Malaysian architects during the early years of Merdeka and the formation of Malaysia.

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