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Mike Boon Chee Khien
Akitek JFN
Kuching, Malaysia
Empowering Community Through Old and New
Architecture: Fort Alice
Mike Boon (Kuching, Malaysia, 1964) graduated from The University of Western Australia with Bachelor of Architecture in 1989. After working briefly in Australia, he continues to practice in his hometown since 1990.
While managing a small architecture firm, he devotes substantial time to promote good design and awareness of local cultural heritage through public talks, heritage walks, and community engagement programmes. Being actively involved in architecture related NGOs, he is often invited to give lectures to professional bodies and universities on design and heritage conservation subjects. He was featured in “Theorising Emerging Malaysian Architects’ published by PAM in April 2017.
Established in 1995, Arkitek JFN Sdn Bhd is an award winning firm which offers a range of consultancy services to public and private sectors in Malaysia. The firm emphasises on responsive design approaches and strives to promote appreciation of local culture by reimagining local crafts, materials and building traditions in contemporary design.
Mike Boon_Fort Alice
Mike Boon_Tidal Bore Observatory
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