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Dora Chi
Spatial Practice
Hong Kong


Practice: Small in Asia
Dora Chi (Bachelor of Architecture, Cornell University) is an American Institute of Architects (AIA) and LEED accredited professional. Her advocacy for the realization of ecological design stemmed from her passion for sustainably built environments. She was awarded with research grants from Cornell University and the AIA to conduct researches on massive urbanization in China. She has been recognized as a creative leader in Asia for her work in architecture by Perspective Global’s ‘40 Under 40’ Awards 2017. Previous experiences with I.M. Pei Architect, Handel Architects, and Foster and Partners include prestigious international projects ranging from large scale high-end residential buildings, to international cultural and mixed-use buildings in the United States, Middle East, and Asia.
spatial practice is an accumulation of ideas, people and circumstances. Formed by Dora Chi and Erik Amir, it is a collaborative design firm specializing in architecture & design services. They believe that true design is about bringing order into a dynamic complexity, the essential feature of human beings, a culture, or a society.
Looking beyond the basic conditions and restrictions of sites, zonings, programmes and budgets — identifying the essence of each spatial intervention is practiced. They catalyse architectural and formal thinking into a deeper context concerning human interactions in specific cultural, social, and economic settings. They are devoted to equal rigor and criticality to every project stage, regardless of scale.
Committed to creative-thinking and thorough decision-making, spatial practice collaborates with some of the best creative minds from different fields to create a dynamic and open platform, confronting and addressing spatial issues with a wide spectrum of insights. In constant operation, the office’s research arm, spatial tactics, strategically nourishes this platform through continuous investigations, lecture series and publications.
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