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Christopher Marcinkoski
& Javier Arpa
University of Pennsylvania School
of Design, Pennsylvania, USA
Africa 2040:
The Tyranny Of Speculative Urbanisation
Africa 2040: An Atlas of Speculative Urbanisation is an ongoing research in exploring the recent proliferation of proposals for and the construction of new towns and vanity infrastructure projects throughout Africa. These projects are emulating much of the speculative building recently occurring in places like Spain, Ireland, Dubai and China. A scholarly collaboration between Christopher Marcinkoski and Javier Arpa, this research is a spin-off from Marcinkoski in-depth exploration on “speculative urbanisation” in his recent book, ‘The City That Never Was’ (Princeton Architectural Press, 2016) which considers the implications of urbanization activities that are wildly out of sync with economic and demographic realities. In 2013, Javier Arpa co-organised with Marcinkoski the conference ‘The City That Never Was’ in cooperation with the Architectural League of New York.
CHRISTOPHER MARCINKOSKI holds a B.Arch from The Pennsylvania State University and an M.Arch from Yale University. He is currently an associate professor of landscape architecture and urban design at the University of Pennsylvania. He is a licensed architect, and founding director of PORT with current works in Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Philadelphia and Knoxville, Tennessee. Prior to his appointment at the university, Christopher focuses on the urban design and planning works at James Corner Field Operations as a senior associate.
Christopher’s design work and research have been widely published in academic, professional and mainstream media platforms. His work has been recognized by the Van Alen Institute, Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Graham Foundation, Skidmore Owings and Merrill Foundation, American Institute of Architects, Chicago Architecture Club and, most recently, the American Academy in Rome, which awarded him the 2015 Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture. He was editor of Perspecta 38 | Architecture After All (MIT Press, 2006).
JAVIER ARPA is an architecture and design author, curator, researcher and lecturer. Having completed a Master of Science in Architecture at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Javier specialises in the dissemination of architectural and urbanism practice. Previously teaching at Harvard GSD, Columbia GSAPP and ENSA-Versailles, Javier is currently professor at Delft University of Technology. He is also Research and Education Coordinator of The Why Factory, a global think-tank and research institute about the city of the future by MVRDV and TU Delft.
Arpa is the curator of the exhibitions Paris Habitat and Paysages Habités, held in 2015 at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal in Paris, and the author of the monograph Paris Habitat: One Hundred Years of City, One Hundred Years of Life.
Javier was Senior Editor for a+t research group, one of Europe’s leading publishers in architecture and urbanism. His ability to analyse urban landscapes and public spaces from an editorially distinct perspective is visible in the In Common series, The Public Chance volume and the Strategy series, all of which he co-authored. In addition, Javier’s expertise in housing and his passion for the city as the resolution of competing urban uses are reflected in a+t respective series.
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