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Property Price Tag
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


The Secret Atlas of Greater KL
Koh Cha-ly is currently the CEO of Propertypricetag.com, a data company that cleans and analyses large amounts of city data, through its proprietary algorithms. Trained in city planning at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA, Cha-Ly hopes to harvest intelligence from BIG DATA to help governments, city planners, corporations
and urban dwellers to shape better global cities.
The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”
 How well do you actually know your city?
In “The Secret Atlas of Greater Kuala Lumpur”, we take a closer look at Greater KL through the lens of BIG DATA.
Powered by a massive urban database, we examine the people of Kuala Lumpur and their quirky behaviours.
 For example?
Ever noticed the mushrooming cafes in your neighborhood and wondered who actually buys these RM10 lattes? The number of cafes, it turns out, has a positive correlation to property prices in the surrounding area. Neighbourhoods with a high number of cafes are also neighbourhoods where property prices are most likely to rise.
 By examining such correlations and relationships, we view our city from a different perspective and gain insights into the underlying currents that move property markets, as well as the people it hosts.
About Propertypricetag.com
Propertypricetag.com is a data company that harvests, cleans and analyses large amounts of city data, through it’s proprietary algorithms to extract trends and patterns in the built environment, It offers this data to the general public as well as public and private sector, in hopes of creating more efficient and transparent property market, improving city planning and shaping sustainable urban environment.
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