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Jakarta, Indonesia


Museum Indonesia in Progress:
An Intricate Maneuver
Aboday is a colossal effort in maintaining the co-existence of two different thought processes. Three years after establishing our company, we came to realize of our differences as a reliance to complement one another. Imagine how boring it could have been to hear the same narration and style, when we can enjoy various tunes and different dances. The discipline of having the freedom to exercise our individual beliefs sets Aboday apart from other firms. Our experiences often come in handy when our endurance is put to the test against power struggles and resistance of practicing. In order to minimize the excess, Aboday intends to detach from the bounds of genre and style, or any community that has the potential of causing friction. As an organization, this set-up will bring Aboday forward through time beyond our presence. We strive to continue our efforts to experiment on organizations and profession as a way of finding the perfect formula to create the balance between evolving surroundings and contradictions.
“The building industry in Indonesia teaches us not to draw too much, but to build instead.”
Aboday’s design philosophy is not bound by any grand idealisms or specific style inclinations. We prefer to design relevantly to bridge the gap between all disciplines involved during the design process of a project. We prioritise contextualism in our design by fulfilling all necessary requirements, clients’ needs, and above all, highly feasible construction. We tend to explore the aesthetics for every project we embark in, as opposed to consistently adhere to any specific architectural style. We strive to design anything, for anyone, as long as it is contextual, relevant, and of course, beautiful.
Aboday has been competing, exhibiting and teaching their architecture to both national and international audience. They have garnered awards such as the 2012 Ikatan Arsitek Indonesia (IAI) National Award for Hotel Morrissey in Jakarta and 1st Prize for the 2012 Museum National Indonesia Open Competition. They had also presented at the 2009 100% Design Exhibition of ‘Paddy Box, Jimbaran” in Earl Court, London, an exhibition and open lecture at the 2013 The Atlas of an Unbuilt World: ‘Museum Nasional Indonesia” in Bartlett School of Architecture (London), and an open lecture on their 2010 Emerging Architecture Award in RIBA, ‘PlayHouse’ (London). In 2013, they were Member of International Judges, ‘Borderless Asia Nation Competition’ in Bangkok, Thailand.
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