What powers Architecture? How is the relationship between Power and Architecture organised? And what are the essential qualities of power implicit in the act and realisation of Architecture?
Architectural event thematics are often quite superficial and predictably the result of different agendas and interests clamouring for attention. At best, a charming slogan, in other instances revealing more complicit disguised interests. In developing a coherent narrative for KLAF2017, we have been interested in thinking about power, positions, the public and the private. Thus, the thematic for KLAF2017 is *POWER is/and/to/with/of/for ARCHITECTURE*.
The unwieldy phrase is deliberate and attempts to show the complex and shifting relationship Architecture has to power structures and organisations. But the nature of power is also an inescapable quality of our discipline. Architecture ultimately is an agency of transformative power, and the festival will provide a stage for deliberation and demonstration.
Power Is Architecture.
Power And Architecture.
Power To Architecture.
Power With Architecture.
Power Of Architecture.
Power For Architecture.
The Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival is the main event of the architectural calendar in Malaysia. Organised by the Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) - Malaysian Institute of Architects, the festival began in 2011, building from the successful DATUM:KL conference started in 2003.
Led by KLAF2017 Director Ar. Ang Chee, the festival is designed as a platform for architecture, both within the industry and discipline. Our objective is to construct a concentrated moment to bring together and galvanise a constituency of influencers, projects, speculations and ideas, and to present them to the public at large in Kuala Lumpur and internationally.
A key decision was made this year to further expand into the public space outside our traditional boundaries of architectural, building and design professionals. KLAF2017 intends to relocate its agendas to focus on the public and the city at large, to invigorate and to launch discussions towards BETTER ARCHITECTURE, BETTER CITIES! With the new focus and positioning, KLAF2017 is now re-configured as an extended and expanded programme to be launched city-wide in various locations across Kuala Lumpur over an expanded period of 2 months from July 2017.
KLAF2017 is clearly defined by the different segments of its offerings, from the Archidex building trade show to DATUM:KL conferences and forums. We are developing a publications series, with two titles in the works. Student programmes and activities and events will be expanded this year to cater for more groups and interests. The exhibitions programme will be a particularly exciting project, with three different venues neatly covering the Past, the Present and the Future of architecture in Malaysia.
The shift to the wider public realm is partly to address the issues confronting Architecture and architects working today, in KL or anywhere. While the sites of operations may be different, many of the issues and burdens remain universal. KLAF2017 provides a moment to re-engage with the discipline and the new challenges that has arrived. In the absence of certainties and clear directions for Architecture, this is the moment to establish new priorities and positions, and to explore, experiment and engage.
Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia (PAM) - Malaysian Institute of Architects - is the main national professional institute representing architects in Malaysia. PAM’s mission statement is "To promote the advancement of architecture and the architectural profession for the betterment of society".

Founded in 1920 as the Institute of Architects Malaya, its name was changed in 1948 to the Federation of Malaya Society of Architects (FMSA), then allied to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). Another change to its current name to reflect national sovereignty came about on 20th January, 1967 when PAM was registered with the Registrar of Societies.
PAM currently has approximately 5,000 members consisting of professional architects, graduates and students. Apart from its registered address in the capital city, PAM membership is also represented across Malaysia with member chapters in Sabah, Sarawak, Penang (Northern chapter) and Johore Baru (Southern chapter).
In September 2016, PAM completed an important milestone by moving into its own headquarters building in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, in a GBI Platinum-rated building the result of an open architectural competition.
The institute organises the annual PAM Architecture Awards and maintains a regular extensive programme of publications and programmes on architectural matters catering to members and the public. It also organises a regular monthly “Meet the Architects” session for the public seeking relevant advice and guidance.


The Royal Patron:
YAM Tengku Zatashah binti Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah
Ang Chee
KLAF2017 Studio:
Liyana Hasnan
Alia Aida Masiri
Khairul Izzuddin Mohd Hiffni
Lau Hann Lim
Tham Su Quin
John Chua Yee Tak
Izzat Husin Osman
KLAF2017 Group:
Ar. Ezumi Harzani Ismail
Ar. Saifuddin Ahmad
Ar. Ahmad Fahmy Mohamad Omar
Ar. Lim Teng Ngiom
Ar. Adrianta Aziz
Ar. Ahmad Ridha Abdul Razak
Ar. Alice Leong Pek Lian
Ar. Alvin Lim Hai Seah
Ar. Dexter Koh Yew Peng
Datuk Ar. Tan Pei Ing
Datuk Ar. Zulkhairi Md Zain
Dr. Lai Chee Kien
Simon Soon
Pamela Tan Poh Sin
Wan Zan Nureen
Taufq Nazaruddin
Wan Azhar Sulaiman
Muhammad Shamin Sahrum
Datum Convenors:
Ar. Adrianta Aziz
Ar. Dexter Koh Yew Peng
Ar. Alice Leong Pek Lian
S K Victor Norazam
Madeline Ham
Fashohahtu Dinyah binti Ramli
Muhammad Ridzwan Abdullah
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